Posted by: Grindie. 13 August '08.

They thought Perfect Run was dead! They thought WRONG! Perfect Run lives and it continues to kick your ass! Jeez, I don't even know what I'm going on about, I just aim my hands at the keyboard and this nonsense just pours out!

Anyway... I think it's time for another Ninja Gunman update. Here are some of the redesigned sprites (Raptor and Gunner-Rex have been scaled down 60%). The sprites are flat coloured for now, I'm gonna hold off on shading them until I'm 100% happy with the designs.

Expect a playable demo some time between now and Doomsday.


Posted by: Grindie. 06 March '08.

Yes! Another delay! We didn't reach the February deadline 'cause of personal reasons. I say "personal reasons" 'cause I just can't be arsed to explain why and it's not important. But we're back to work and I'm going through updating all the old NGM sprites. From now on, we'll just go back to our usual "You'll get it when it's ready!" way of doing things.


Posted by: Grindie. 30 January '08.

We've delayed the release of the level 1 "prototype" until February 15th 'cause Iceman has just discovered Virtua FIghter 5 and I'm losing my Internet connection for a while 'cause I'm moving house. Here's some in-game stuff to hold you over for a while.


Posted by: Grindie. 22 January '08.

That special time is coming! That special NINJA GUNMAN time! Yes! Me n' the Ice Warrior are ploughing through this sucka like a super strong snow splough ploghing through very weak snow! We've got a playable level up and running and I've almost got the whole level drawn and coloured. I'm going with a new art style this time, pixels are out and hand drawn artwork is in! We're gonna have Level 1-1 finished for some competition. It features dinosaurs WITH GUNS! What else do you need in life? I mean really, WHAT ELSE!?

In other news: GoldenEye 2D will be getting 2 new levels: The Facility and Runway. The Facility will play just like the Dam did: Run and shoot stuff. But with the Runway, we're gonna do what RARE originally intended and let you ride a motorbike! It's gonna blow your ass to Mars!


Posted by: Grindie. 12 January '08.

Okay, so Statham is now officially cancelled. It was trouble from the start, I'm telling you now! We've reinvented it so many times and I s'pose the game we're working on now COULD have been another reinvention, but we're going with a completely different style now and Statham wouldn't fit it.

So with our track record of canning games, why should you get excited over this new one? Because it's being made for one of those contest things and we NEED to have it finished for February. And we all know what happens when me n' Bisse have a deadline to reach? Remember the greatness that is GoldenEye 2D?

The terrible Mr. Freeze usually gets upset when I blab too much info about a game before it's ready, so I'll leave you with its brilliant-tastic B-Movie-esque name: NINJA GUNMAN.


Posted by: Bisse. 19 September '07.

Minor maintenance update to GoldenEye 2D. Fixes the following issues:

- Crash bug fixed (see Devlog for more info on that one)

- Bungee jump spot now says "EXIT" when you reach it and before you press up to enter it, in order to clarify that it is, in fact, the exit.

- Jaws' hitbox has been made smaller, so he's easier to avoid.

Download link is the same as before, but here it is again anyway. Because i'm all nice like that.


Posted by: Bisse. 18 August '07.

GoldenEye 2D is a GameBoy-style remake of the excellent GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64. Take control of the man with the black tuxedo, James Bond, and, well, shoot stuff!

GoldenEye 2D - Download Here

This version features only one level, the Dam, which GoldenEye fans will recognise immediately. We've also added a few things of our own to spice it up, such as 5 different weapons, a few bosses, and the classic James Bond gunbarrel intro.
Do you have what it takes to survive a close encounter with Jaws and earn the rank of '00 Agent'? Only one way to find out!

Interesting side note: The game inspired a pixel art contest at - before it was even released! There's some real neat stuff in there, too, check it out.


Posted by: Bisse. 24 August '07.

Thought i'd post these Statham screens here for you guys who don't read the devlog.


Posted by: Grindie. 07 August '07.

Notice anything different? Yup, the site's been changed. The first layout was an awful embarrassment to the greatness that is Perfect Run, so we decided to change things about a bit. A few months ago, I came up with the design you see before you and thought that paying a "professional" website designer to slap it together would be the best option. I was wrong. The site was cobbled together in Dreamweaver and had holes all over the place. So, Bisse stepped up to put right what once went wrong! He did a good job, don't you think? It only took him about 4 years to finish! Congrats to him, eh? Damn fool spent all that time socialising, learning University stuff and watching Bleach. The damn FOOL!

We're still working away on Statham (name change from Robot Factory). We've redesigned the first level and I've just thrown a few months worth of graphics down the toilet to start from scratch. It's coming along nicely. Enemies and most of the player's moves are working perfecty. The first level is gonna kick your ass, son! We'll post screenshots whenever I bloody draw something to take a screenshot of.