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Our Goal Is To Find Great Online Casinos

All members of our staff have started out as regular casino players. Ever since Microgaming launched the first online platforms back in 1994, there have been innumerable opportunities opening up for fans of gambling. Internet platforms provided a convenient solution for people who could not afford to see a genuine brick-and-mortar casino but also made a viral environment for frauds and scams.

That is why we’ve set out to help gambling fans in locating the best sites where they’ll have the ability to play safely. The absence of reliable information is an issue that all online players need to handle, so ever since 2017, we’ve been attempting to address it. We attempt to combine the passion of a gambling fan with the experience that comes from various fields of life. We will need to be comprehensive, as assessing casino platforms and applications demand an eye for the detail and an analytical approach. But, we also try to make our platform as reader-friendly as you can.

The PerfectRun.net articles are created for gamers, so security is your number one concern. We value integrity over anything else, as each author in our team should stay objective. It may be daunting sometimes, as we’re all casino lovers — from time to time we only need to go with the flow and recommend things that we like. However, gambling is ultimately a numbers’ game, so we must dismiss our own tastes even at the risk of the sounding dryer.

Reviewing an online casino isn’t as straightforward as saying’I like it’ — there are a lot of hidden traps, and a stage that works for one player might prove unsuitable for another. Throughout the years, we’ve developed a detail-orientated approach where we systematically evaluate each aspect of an online casino. We’re specialized in the UK market, though we’re gradually trying to expand our reach and our general understanding of the iGaming industry. We focus on four important pillars that we believe to be the most important for the online player.